After you have determined that your project is feasible, then you can begin development. During the actual development process, BKB Properties can provide your team with critical expertise as you design, bid, build and open your project. Here are some of the areas where our expertise will make your project better:


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ProFeasibility Development

Site Selection and GIS Analysis
If you are presently looking for a suitable development or expansion site, a GIS analysis of your target market can focus your efforts. This tool provides the framework for high-level analysis as you search out and consider the best sites. We customize your search to locate the following:

  • Desired demographics for your business
  • Existing Local and Regional Competition
  • Specific micro markets with expansion potential

During this important phase of development, we’ll make sure that your project is designed with a high standard of project efficiency, appeal, and marketability. As part of your design team, here’s where we can help you make money and save money:

  • Site Plan Schematic
  • Office Design and Layout
  • Work with local authorities (zoning, building, planning)
  • Designing the proper Unit Mix & Building layout
  • Coordination and management of the design phase of the project

Hard Bidding
We bid your project independently to maximize your development dollars. This process involves:

  • Project Specifications and Plans notation
  • Bidding to multiple vendors
  • Collection, Review, and Revisions of unique bids with General Contractor
  • Development and Construction Recommendations

Having substantial experience in lending and financing, we work with your lender to identify and quantify necessary capital requirements. Often, this is defined through in the feasibility period. As deals age, and multiple lenders look at a deal, refinement of the bank package may take place as the project draws closer to the construction phase. Here we will:

  • Work directly with your lender in providing all necessary financial information
  • Work with the borrower to refine the bank package
  • Meet with lenders during the lender’s review process
  • Provide necessary updates to the bank package
  • Guidance during lender negotiations

Development Project Management
From the Design and Entitlement Phase of your project, through the Construction and Grand Opening of your store, we can make the process seamless and smooth, while ensuring your project is completed according to reasonable timelines and high standards of quality.



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